Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY polymer clay pendant

Each year, on 1st of March, Romanians have a tradition - they offer to each other little "martisoare" which are little decorative objects that symbolize the beginning of the spring. They resemble brooches and they absolutely necessary have to have a white and red ribbon with tassels attached. After you receive your "martisoare" you wait until you see the first bloomed tree and you tie it up to a branch of the tree. Quite a lovely tradition. This year, hoping to save a little money I made my own, from polymer clay which I gave a golden patina. I'd say they turned out great! They were appreciated little gifts. You can use this method to make much more professionally looking jewelry of all sorts:

This is just a little thing made for fun, but if you wanna go pro with polymer clay, I recommend you invest a bit and get yourself a real tutorial here: Check out the pretty polymer clay canes too while you are there: