Sunday, July 11, 2010

Do You Ever Get Over a First Love?

Coptic binding... my first love, that I've neglected for so long. But now I returned to it, I love this technique! But I didn't returned empty handed - I am well prepared and armed with some gorgeous papers I've been collecting for awhile... I felt bad actually that all this beautiful things kept waiting in the closet for the big day.
So here they are, my babies:

The first one has its cover made from black Japanese paper with an elegant golden geometric pattern, for the second I used black parchment paper screen-printed with golden flowers, and the red one is dressed up in the best quality Japanese Yuzen Chiyogami paper, with gold little flowers.
They are listed in my shop, if you want to take this beauties away from me :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Augustine the Baby Hare

Please meet baby hare Augustine. She just loves to nibble on sunflower petals and most of the sunflowers in her field are just huge black circles on the end of stalks. Augustine knows that the bullfinches and other birds will come to eat the seeds in winter so she makes sure that the plant will survive until them. She is very dexterous and has learned to shimmy up the tall stalk and deftly snip eat petal off. Some of the other baby hares have heard how good the petals taste and she snips off extra ones for those waiting below.

I received Augustine as a gift and reading her story, I decided to welcome her in a very special way, with a sunflower bouquet that I know she likes :) To see more creative art textile ornaments, visit Dragon House of Yuen

Sunday, July 4, 2010


I love email, but also love to write and receive real letters, they make me feel more closer to the other person, reading their handwriting and getting a piece of paper they held in their hands. I also love the different stamps on the envelopes and I decided to make something special with them. And since the people that like my journals are also addicted to handwriting, I've created a journal that has stamps on it from time to time.  I like how it turned out so I plan to make more - I've got a lot of old stamps from my grand grand father that was a postman and I'll use some of them - little works of art from different places and times. But first I just gotta make sure none of the stamps is worth a fortune  :)