Sunday, July 11, 2010

Do You Ever Get Over a First Love?

Coptic binding... my first love, that I've neglected for so long. But now I returned to it, I love this technique! But I didn't returned empty handed - I am well prepared and armed with some gorgeous papers I've been collecting for awhile... I felt bad actually that all this beautiful things kept waiting in the closet for the big day.
So here they are, my babies:

The first one has its cover made from black Japanese paper with an elegant golden geometric pattern, for the second I used black parchment paper screen-printed with golden flowers, and the red one is dressed up in the best quality Japanese Yuzen Chiyogami paper, with gold little flowers.
They are listed in my shop, if you want to take this beauties away from me :)


  1. These are beautiful books! I love that they are so fat and I love the papers on the covers. Great work!

  2. Oh I adore the coptic stitch, it is so wonderfully simple and functional yet looks really pretty at the same time :-)
    Those japanese papers are to die for! x