Friday, July 9, 2010

Augustine the Baby Hare

Please meet baby hare Augustine. She just loves to nibble on sunflower petals and most of the sunflowers in her field are just huge black circles on the end of stalks. Augustine knows that the bullfinches and other birds will come to eat the seeds in winter so she makes sure that the plant will survive until them. She is very dexterous and has learned to shimmy up the tall stalk and deftly snip eat petal off. Some of the other baby hares have heard how good the petals taste and she snips off extra ones for those waiting below.

I received Augustine as a gift and reading her story, I decided to welcome her in a very special way, with a sunflower bouquet that I know she likes :) To see more creative art textile ornaments, visit Dragon House of Yuen


  1. my goodness Anca!! this is so very delightful and the most special welcome ever! Augustine is so very happy indeed, she's thrilled to have that tiny welcome home sign made for her, and that bouquet of sunflowers! gosh!
    thank you for making her part of your life :)

    Is your baby bird doing well?

    kind regards, Annette

  2. :) She is so sweet, everybody loves her. She's gonna become very spoiled and I'll have to keep an eye on her as she is very curious and wants to do everything in a single day :)
    Today we wrote one of the beautiful cards that you've included and sent to a friend!

    The baby bird is fine, he lives now in a tiny garden where cats can't get inside, and I plan to release him in a day or two as I see he began to fly quite high. I'm afraid to keep him for very long as he must learn to adapt to a normal bird life. I see other birds come to visit him and I think they are part of his family :)

  3. Wow!!! How cute! That should be the sweetest welcoming you could have gave her :)