Sunday, November 27, 2011

Colorful Paper Wreath

Inspired by THE paper wizard, Manufacta, yesterday I made a paper wreath of my own, using some crepe paper that I've bought a few years ago and never used.
I'll also try another one on brown-white-gold tones, to put my wrapping paper leftovers to a good use.


For the round base, I've used some decorative Easter sisal grass.
I've made sandwiches from different color papers, and wrinkled them to make the flower shapes.


It was a very fun experience as it is basically a trial and no-error-possible process. It came out pretty quickly too! I've sewn my flowers to the base, as my stapler is momentarily unavailable (it was the victim of another experiment of mine, poor thing...)

You can see the original tutorial here:


  1. lovely! it's a very happy wreath even though it's sitting outside in the cold :P :)))

  2. I really liked this version well done

  3. Baghy, it's a wonderful idea! i really love the colors and green as grass under flowers! thank you for this new wreath!

  4. oh this is so nice! i especially love the last picture, i have a passion for door wreaths : )
    lovely work!


  5. So vibrant! What a lovely creation. Nice to have you back! :)

  6. :) Very nice! Great idea, thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments... I do have another version planned in my head for next year!