Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Secret fabric swap!

So, together with a few of my European Street Team mates, we decided to swap between us some fabric scraps that we no longer need. Today I received a lovely package from Gia , all wrapped up in pretty Greek stamps.

I quickly rushed and opened it... Soooo cute! Loved the pretty fabric and I can't wait to use it :)

But what really impressed me was the care and love with which it was wrapped... oh-oh, the secret package I've sent to Diana is not pretty wrapped, why didn't I though of that? Well, I hope the content will make it up for it...


  1. Beautiful scraps and the packaging is really sweet.

  2. lovely patterns! you are lucky baghy!

  3. I also love the presentation!


  4. Yeah, it was a very sweet surprise! I love them so much I can't decide which project is worthy of them :)

  5. I'm so glad you liked the fabric!
    Your pictures are wonderful!

    I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  6. Oh these are such pretty colored plaids! Jealous! ;-)