Sunday, July 8, 2012

Funny find at the fair!

So I had this drawing hanging on my hallway since I don't know when. It is a vintage drawing from 1929.

What do I find today at the vintage fair? I could not believe it! Not the same boys, but so similar!

I guess these outfits were quite fashionable back then :) This is one of the things I love at the antique markets and fairs, there is always a story behind the objects, I often find in different occasions photo of a young boy, then the next time a picture of him as a child, and the other time, the same guy on his wedding or with a big family :)


  1. Oh how interesting! What a fun find at the antique market!

  2. Anca - first of all: you had good enough weather to go to a fair?! Boo. Secondly: I guess those outfits were mainly the only ones made and sold at the time, maybe with slight variations. Thirdly: How cool is that when you actually find photos of the same person at different times and especially from different periods of their lives? Fourthly: I hope my parents don't frequent vintage fairs (they're not hipster enough :P) with photos of me at different ages! :O

  3. Hahaha Dori :)
    Really it is great to find people at different stages in their lives, I have two photos that I cherish so much, a little pretty girl with a day dream attitude and another with her as a young bride so pretty and classy.. I feel like I actually know this people!
    I'll keep an eye out for pictures of you in the fair!

  4. they're so so cute!!!! Love their hats!



  5. hahahah that's amazing! :D So funny!