Saturday, June 12, 2010

Etsy Bookbindingteam Swap

At last, I finally participated in a book swap with my Bookbindingteam teammates - it was so fun, I wonder why I didn't do it before - oh, wait, I remember - the laziness reared its ugly head!
But I'm so happy now with the little book I received from Beth!
I still haven't used it though - I am organizing a Miss competition with my ideas to sort out what would be the best use for it :)
Here it is - isn't it a beauty?

The journal that I've made for the swap is this one - since most of my journals are feminine, and since my recipient was a guy, I went for a more unisex design and painted this silver gate on it, adding a leather cutout lock to act as a buckle:

Tim (the recipient) liked it so I'm glad I chose this one for the swap.

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