Friday, June 11, 2010

Hi, my name is Anca

I remember seeing on Fashion TV a girl saying "Hi, my name is Anca, and I never dreamed that I could be supermodel" - well, that wasn't me :) What I can brag with is, however, something even more fabulous:
Hi, my name is Anca and I never dreamed that I could be a passionate bookbinder! Ta-daaa!
I am a Romanian artist - if you can call me that (please do, haha) and I was so pleased when I made my first book, my first useful object, that I've became addicted! I now sell my books on Etsy - but I'm thinking to expand to other venues, til it will become a multi-billion dollar business (just kidding)!
I hope you'll enjoy my blog, and as I haven't written a blog before, I hope I'll enjoy it too - I sure love to read my old diaries :)


  1. :) I'm so happy, sis!! For me it's also a dream came true -- I finally get to read your "diary" ;)

  2. Lovely work, I really want one of these journals! I'm from Bucharest too, by the way, and I discovered your blog through etsy, so I was really surprised when I found out you were Romanian! You should really be promoted more...