Thursday, September 16, 2010

C'mon Baby Light My ArtFire

Artfire has a wonderful deal these days! Only 5.95$ a month for a Pro account!
I recently set up my Baghy shop at Artfire - I hear it's a wonderful community with helpful folks.
There are two types of accounts - free (basic) and pro. Neither accounts have to pay for listing items and there are no fees for selling through them. The Pro accounts holders have to pay a monthly subscription which is currently 15.95$ - which is less then I pay on my Etsy monthly bill. And I even sold a journal even though I haven't taken much care of this shop yet. But now they have this awesome deal for 50.000 people tops. Thing is, you have to opt in for this deal and only if at least 20.000 people sign up, then the offer becomes official and only then they cash in your 5.95$. So I opted in now and have to hope lots of people sign up too. Till now, 3212 people have signed up, and I think they only started yesterday. You have to sign up for a basic account first.  So come out, come out wherever you are... Hope to see you there :)


  1. Anca, this is great. I'm really interested to sign up. Just one question, what happens if at a point in the future I'll want to sign out of it? Can you interrupt the contract with them anytime?

  2. Yep, you can interrupt it whenever you want! However, you will be charged for one month if the offer becomes official (that way they make sure that the 20.000 number is not artificially inflated by people that want the 20.000 threshold to be reached)
    I am a beginner with Artfire too, but they explain things in detail here:
    It would be so great if you'd sign up too :)