Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mmmmm Vanilla

I love real vanilla flavor in just about everything... Where I live it's pretty expensive but I bought some on the internet and made vanilla essence out of it. The recipe is pretty simple - just add vodka and lots of patience as this little miracle takes a few months to be ready! Just store in a dark place and shake the bottle from time to time. I'm not good with measurements and following complex recipes and quantities but I am fairly sure I put more vanilla then the recipe states so it's gonna be a strong flavored essence. This vanilla is so perfumed - it is called Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and it has a stronger flavor as opposed to the Tahitian one that is a bit fruity and goes best for drinks and such (just my internet digging, I have no idea how Tahitian beans smell)
Here it is, my magic potion... I guess around Christmas I'll be able to offer little bottles of essence to my family and friends :)


  1. I think vanilla is my favorite scent. My friend brought back some real vanilla from Tahiti. Wow! It's amazing...

  2. Yummm, you had a first-hand experience! I am curious about Tahitian vanilla too, I guess next time I'll buy that kind to see the difference, I'd love to become a vanilla expert :)

  3. What a gorgeous bottle! That is going to be a really wonderful gift. I've never even heard of doing this with vanilla. Such a great idea.