Thursday, April 14, 2011

finally, an A!

I remember, during primary school, that all my grades were A, except at the calligraphy class... I always failed to succeed... my mom tried to teach me "make them like beads on  a wire"... My letters were all chunky and had a lot of corners. But in time I tried to overcome this defect and now I can proudly paint initials on my books. A lot of customers ask for this service and are very happy with the outcome. It's true, while I monogram them,  there's no room for errors so everybody has to walk on eggshells around me... or else!


  1. Oh wow, your monograms look PERFECT! I have to learn this from you!

  2. your calligraphy is beautiful! well done!
    it is indeed an art to be learned as I had to 'learn' it as part of my studies as an Illustrator! hope you get plenty of orders :)

  3. Thanks guys... Yes, it was a surprise for me too to find out it can be "learned". I now might venture into making books that have whole quotes on them!