Saturday, April 23, 2011

Magic Mushrooms

Noo... these are not those mushrooms that make you crazy high or whatever.. these are magic because yesterday, they weren't and today there they were in my garden! What a lovely surpise! I have no idea what kind of mushrooms these are so I'm not planning to eat them although they look pretty edible to me...Don't they? Anyone wanna try them first?
I think it's wonderful how nature blooms in the least expected places.

So my enthusiasm showed in Etsy too as I quickly created this mushroom treasury - by the way, check out the shmetsy tools, they are true lifesavers for a treasury maker :)

'All the mushrooms I could carry' by Baghy

Five Enchanted Fore...

Red Mushroom Marble

Sm Amanita Magic Mu...

Crochet Red Mushroo...

Amanita the Sitting...

Toadstool Hand Pain...

Forest Mushrooms Si...

Pottery Mushroom - ...

Mini Felt Mushroom ...

The Bright Forest p...

A3 Print - Mushroo...

Fairy Toadstool Red...

Three Mini Red and ...

Mushroom - crochet ...

Mushroom fairy hous...

mushroom salt cella...


  1. Even if they're not red with white dots I wouldn't eat them either :)

  2. Very cute treasury! And lovely mushrooms. Wouldn't it be cool to be thumbalina and sit under them, or on one even! They look amazing from underneath. Nice to have a post from you! :)

  3. :) Oh, what a sweet thought... They surely would offer quite a spectacle from thumbalina's point of view :)

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I LOVE eating (edible) mushrooms. They are absolutely yummy, but the poisonous red "polka dot" ones are rather pretty to look at.

  5. :) I love mushrooms too! I never saw a real polka dot mushroom, I bet they are spectacular! I'd love to be a specialist and recognize which ones can be eaten and which ones not :)

  6. Love you blog! You should definitely update it more often;)