Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New things in my garden

Winter is finally here... we've been spared enough! So new birds are coming to eat the slices of bread that we leave outside for them. Mr tit here, is a regular:

but we rarely have robins visiting us:

As I was slowly moving with my camera to make a picture of it without scaring it off, boom! A large aspen tree fell on the roof of my house. It fell from the roots so all its weight is right now exactly on top of my bedroom's roof... auch. We could only cut some branches of it... well, my boyfriend did, I was mostly documenting, since I already had the camera in my hand :)

It was our neighbor's tree, I don't know why it chose our house to fall on!

Now I just have to think of a way to use these tons of free wood!


  1. Wow! Scary thing to happen! Hopefully you weren't just in its way when it fell, only material damages :)

  2. No, I was busy photographing the robin :) Maybe the robin came to save my life :)

  3. Hey you could use that wood to warm yourself during the winter ;) Nice pics, I miss so much being there!

  4. I miss you being here too, sis... could use a hand with the saw!

  5. Woow! What a shock, I wish you a restful night ... you really have to sleep under the tree? :)
    On the positive side, the bird came to save you and ... you have lots and lots of free firewood for the winter:)

  6. Yeah, unfortunately we don't have wood-fueled heating... I wish I had a wood mill though, to make some nice objects out of it :)

  7. yes, after a great fear a lot of wood has remained into your garden: you'll get certainly some good ideas about it!

  8. Scary.
    And I agree with Manufacta.
    There so much to do with wood... LOL

    Helena aka pulguinha

  9. Yeah who knows maybe soon I'll sell recycled wood products... then you'll know where it all came from :)