Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Global... freezing?

Scared by the global warming warnings, I never thought I will ever have another winter like in my childhood... big mountings of snow, sleighs, snow mans... but here it is, and not only in Romania, but all over Europe.

Photo from inside my yard towards the street:

My house - love the snowflakes, like in a fairy tale! 

 This street looks pretty frightening, isn't it?

Although I have to shovel the snow every day, I must admit, winter is a magical season.


  1. Everything looks so fluffy :) I wish I was there so we could make together a huuuge snowman!

  2. WOW! What magical photos! ... and I love shoveling snow! ... and I am not saying this because I´m safe in snowless Portugal!

  3. Haha Eva, if you miss shoveling snow, come on over, there's plenty of shovels and snow here.. you can work all day long if it makes you happy :)